Wu Jingqiu 吴静秋


"Starting into printmaking is the happiest thing in my life. Holding a carving knife calms down my mind. Being creative makes my life meaningful and frees me from mediocrity. Being either a printmaker or other professions in my life, it is important to have a firm mind. The creation of original prints is the constant force in my life. I feel fulfilled, and my life has a goal. Working towards the goal makes my life happy, and leaves me no time to feel grief. A great art work create people's thinking, purifies their souls, and warm their heart. It is a piece of work to extreme and perfection."

"I hope my work will go into the depth I want to, I paint ordinary things, to express the unordinary meanings behind them. A good artwork is like a great bottle of vintage wine. Finding my own way, seeking personal style and innovation and change of works is what I have always pursued. What I really need to be an artist is to break. Many of the root causes of stagnation are imprisonment by one's own understanding and avoid turning expressions into a craft! A printmaker must not only have first-class skills, but also live to learn till old about culture and rich life experience, which will be reflected in the artworks. Creation is not copying. I want to continue to discover on my two acres of land, do what I like to do, the land is not bad, and we must plant healthy, stylish and beautiful crops."

- Wu Jingqiu