Zheng Zijiang 郑子江


Brief CV:
Born in 1965 in Heilongjiang. Started his career in printmaking since 1986.
Dean of Heilongjiang Art Academy Printmaking department
Vice director of Creative research laboratory
Member of Chinese artists association
National First Class Artists in China
Expert Judge of China National Arts Fund
Certified as Art talent in Heilongjiang Province China by Heilongjiang Provincial party committee publicity department in 2009

'Breeze' won Creative Award in First China Youth Original Prints Exhibition in 1990
'Lingering Charm' won Bronze Award in the 12th National Original Prints Exhibition in 1994
'Floral Illusion' won Bronze Award in the 13th China National Original Prints Exhibition in 1996
'Double Harvest' won Sponsors Prize in the 4th International Binauual Contemporary Original Prints Exhibition in Japan in 1998
Rated as '1980-1990 Excellent Printmaker'by China Printmaker Association in 1999, Won 'Lu Xun Original Print Prize'.
'Wish came true' won 'Bronze Prize' in 15th China National Original Prints Exhibition in 2000
'Great Northern Wildness. New Icon' won 'Excellence Award' in 12th National All Star Art Exhibition in 2002
'Late Autumn Whispering' won 'Bronze Award' in 10th China National Art Exhibition in 2004
'Far Away in Sky' won 'Bronze Prize' in 17th China National Original Prints Exhibition in 2005
'Golden Place' won 'Excellent Award' in China Expo Art Exhibition in Shanghai in 2010

Permanent Art Collection of:
National Art Musuem of China, National Academy of Painting, Shanghai Art Musuem, Guangdong Art Musuem, Zhejiang Art Musuem, Jiangsu Art Museum, Anhui Art Museum, Guiyang Art Museum, Heilongjiang Art Museum, Shenzhen Art Museum, Guanshanyue Art Museum, Guyuan Art Museum, and art organizations.