Epoch. Print. Industrial Printmaking

Daqing, China

Exhibition Details

Daqing city is praised as 'the printmaking town of China'. To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the formation of Daqing city and 60th Anniversary of Daqing's oil discovery, the exhibition "Epoch. Print. Industrial Printmaking" will be held on 11th Dec 2019 to 15 Dec 2019 in Beijing Yanhuang Art Gallery, Beijing, China.

Chen Yanlong (陈彦龙), an artist represented by China Impressions, is a leading figure of the new printmaking generation in China. Daqing prints from the early times of the great industrial era depicting the vigorous production of oil and the pursuit of the beauty of industrial form, developed into the post-industrial era seeking new excitement and individualised expression of industrial printmaking. It has shifted from collective memory of an era to industrial cities. During the transformation, artists on the environmental and human spiritual level, paid attention to the expression of ideas. With the help of collective consciousness of the artists and the perception of the industrialisation process of china, they have formed an unique regional art language. They have made great contributions not just to the awareness and self-confidence of the local culture, but also to the development of Chinese industrial printmaking in general.